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Earlier taken to be a luxury for the average Indian family, washing machines have soon become a regular household appliance of great importance for everybody. With the increase in the number of nuclear families having a busy life and tight schedule mechanization of manual labor remains the only option to save time. There has been a steep rise in the sales of washing machines in the last few years as more and more people discover the joys of automatic cleaning and bid adieu to getting into the messy task of manually washing the clothes!

You could be either looking to replace your old washing machine with a new one or simply wanting to get your first experience with the wonder appliance. In either case it is important to remember that a washing machine is not something you change again and again.

For most of us it is a lifetime appliance or at the max we can think of replacing it once. Which is precisely the reason why you must do a little bit of research on what your needs are and what is being provided in the market. Match both of them with each other and then pick up a washing machine that will serve your purpose

Your Research

There are a few things that you must remember or clarify in your mind before you set out to buy a new washing machine. Let us do a quick run down on them.

-The first thing that you should identify is the average number of clothes that are washed in your household each time you use the machine. You could be the sort of person who cleans the daily wash load everyday or maybe the one who takes the washing trip once a week. Either way, the average washing size of your family will determine the capacity of the washing machine you will buy.

-You also need to do a little bit of space planning beforehand to avoid usage inconvenience later. If you have a small pad you would need to place your machine under a cabinet or a platform. On the other hand, if you do not have any space problems then you can place the machine anywhere so as to provide a convenient working. Finding out where you can place it will help you decide the design of machine (top load or front load) you want.

ifb washing machine 6.5 kg front load -The placement of your machine in your household is also important in terms of its technology. For instance, if you decide to place your machine in a bathroom closer to your living space then you would want one which makes the minimum noise.

-The consistency of water supply in your area is another important factor that decides which Washing Machine comes home with you. The reason behind this is that should you choose to get yourself a fully automatic machine, it would need a source of constant running water for operations. While a semi automatic one can be managed manually and input of water can be controlled.

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